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Core Features

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carry your essentials

As the Smart Shirt has a two-layer concept, you can store your daily essentials – like wallet, phone or keys – in no-bouncing pockets. Adding an extra layer of security, we added two RFID-blocking pockets to protect your passport and credit cards from scamming.

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Your personal health companion

All Smart Shirts come with built-in fabric embedded seamless biosensors, configurable control pads. The EVE app makes the Smart Shirt your AI-powered personal health coach by enabling you to monitor your heart, posture, and breathing. The built-in sensors help wearers sit straighter, stand taller, and look better by gently vibrating when wearers slouch.

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Share your moment

Our camera enables you to capture these special moments in your life effortlessly. The Smart Shirt includes a state of the art 8MP wide-angle wifi camera positioned at the collar, taking photos or recording videos just by a simple press. With its built in microphone and flap-hinge the camera serves also as conference hub.

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You are in control

In the sleeves we embedded touch sensors, so you can take a phone call or reduce volume of your Bluetooth-connected ear plugs by simply clicking or swiping. Plus, your earplugs can be safely attached to the Smart Shirt with the help of a magnetic system.

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